• Negotiate fair trade deals that create American jobs, increase American wages, and reduce America's trade deficit.

Donald J. Trump's 7 Point Plan To Rebuild the American Economy by Fighting for Free Trade

1. Withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which has not yet been ratified.

2. Appoint tough and smart trade negotiators to fight on behalf of American workers.

3. Direct the Secretary of Commerce to identify every violation of trade agreements a foreign country is currently using to harm our workers, and also direct all appropriate agencies to use every tool under American and international law to end these abuses.

4. Tell NAFTA partners that we intend to immediately renegotiate the terms of that agreement to get a better deal for our workers. If they don’t agree to a renegotiation, we will submit notice that the U.S. intends to withdraw from the deal. Eliminate Mexico’s one-side backdoor tariff through the VAT and end sweatshops in Mexico that undercut U.S. workers.

5. Instruct the Treasury Secretary to label China a currency manipulator.

6. Instruct the U.S. Trade Representative to bring trade cases against China, both in this country and at the WTO. China's unfair subsidy behavior is prohibited by the terms of its entrance to the WTO.

7. Use every lawful presidential power to remedy trade disputes if China does not stop its illegal activities, including its theft of American trade secrets - including the application of tariffs consistent with Section 201 and 301 of the Trade Act of 1974 and Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962.

Read Donald J. Trump’s 7 Point Plan To Rebuild the American Economy by Fighting for Free Trade, here.

Read Mr. Trump's Remarks at the Alumisource Factory in Monessen, Pennsylvania.


  • America has lost nearly one-third of its manufacturing jobs since NAFTA and 50,000 factories since China joined the World Trade Organization. [Economic Policy Institute, April 23, 2015]
  • President Obama predicted that the trade deal with South Korea would increase our exports to South Korea by more than $10 billion – resulting in some 70,000 jobs. It has killed nearly 100,000. Our exports to South Korea haven’t increased at all, but their imports to us have surged more than $15 billion – more than doubling our trade deficit with that country. [The White House], [Economic Policy Institute, May 5, 2016]
  • Our annual trade deficit in goods with Mexico has risen from close to zero in 1993 to almost $60 billion. Our total trade deficit in goods hit nearly $800 billion last year. China is responsible for nearly half of our entire trade deficit. Almost half of our entire manufacturing trade deficit in goods with the world is the result of trade with China. [United States Census Bureau]
  • The U.S. trade deficit with the proposed TPP member countries cost over 2 million jobs in 2015. By far the biggest losses occurred in motor vehicles and parts, which lost nearly 740,000 manufacturing jobs. Imagine how many more jobs would be lost if the Trans-Pacific Partnership was actually approved. [Economic Policy Institute, March 3, 2016]
  • The Trans-Pacific Partnership will undermine our economy, and it will undermine our independence:
    • The TPP creates a new international commission that makes decisions the American people can't veto, making it easier for our trading competitors to ship cheap subsidized goods into U.S. markets - while allowing foreign countries to continue putting barriers in front of our exports.
    • The TPP lowers tariffs on foreign cars, while leaving in place the foreign practices that keep American cars from being sold overseas. The TPP even creates a backdoor for China to supply car parts for automobiles made in Mexico.


  • Hillary supported Bill Clinton’s NAFTA, she supported China’s entrance into the World Trade Organization, she supported the job-killing trade deal with South Korea, and she supports the Trans-Pacific Partnership. [Donald J. Trump Press Release, June 24, 2016]
  • Bernie Sanders said Hillary Clinton "voted for virtually every trade agreement that has cost the workers of this country millions of jobs.” [Donald J. Trump Press Release, June 16, 2016]
  • Hillary Clinton, took a “leading part in drafting the Trans-Pacific Partnership.” She praised or pushed the TPP on 45 separate occasions, and even called it the “gold standard.” [Bloomberg, Jan. 10, 2013], [CNN, June 15, 2015]
  • As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton stood by idly while China cheated on its currency, added another trillion dollars to our trade deficits, and stole hundreds of billions of dollars in our intellectual property. [Donald J. Trump Press Release, Aug. 11, 2016]


Trump has found an ally in Prime Minister Narendra Modi and would want to work closely with him - to improve Indo US ties and promote more trade between the two countries. Trump already has significant real estate developments in India - curently in Mumbai & Pune.