As the D-day approaches, it is of utmost importance important that you voters make an informed wise decision. After all the future of not only our nation but the entire world lies on the outcome of this election. Every vote counts! Your vote is your right, most precious and most importantly your choice. But before making the call, get your facts straight and make a wise decision.

Take a good look at Hillary Clinton’s past record in order to gain a glimpse of how she would perform as the president.

As a former Secretary of State and First Lady Clinton has been a cheerleader for America’s biggest mistakes.  Her major failures can be directly linked to the cataclysmic Foreign-policies leading to catastrophic consequences of America’s interests in its foreign ties. Here are a few mistakes that top the

1.  Creator of ISIS by pulling out of Iraq too quickly despite military recommendation not to.

2.  Engagement of Iran and foot-dragging on sanctions, allowing Iran to reach the cusp of a nuclear weapons capability.

3.  Lack of bringing to justice the jihadists who killed our 4 Americans.

4.  Failing to take decisive action in Syria before jihadists poured into the country

5.  The decision to overthrow President Gaddafi in Libya

6.  Downplaying human rights, especially with China

7.  Blindsiding the Israeli prime minister with a public declaration of U.S. policy on “1967 borders”

8.  Deteriorating relations with Israel

9.  Assessment of Bashar al-Assad (whom she labelled a “reformer”)

10.  Cluelessness that withdrawal of U.S. forces in Iraq would give the radicals a foothold

11.  Lack of a coherent plan to address the Arab Spring.

12.  Gave Russia a reset button which reset the cold war.

13.  Victory lap on Osama bin Laden giving a false impression of al-Qaeda’s decimation

14.  Backing Hugo Chavez’s candidate in Honduras rather that the middle and business classes’ choice (who was also pro-American)

15.  Relaxation of Cuban sanctions followed by Alan Gross’s imprisonment

16.  Surprising Poland and the Czech Republic by pulling out anti-missile sites

17.  The lack of a cogent approach to the Middle East

18.  Failing to robustly support the Green Revolution

19.  Embracing Hosni Mubarak (calling him a family friend) just when pressure was needed to prevent what ultimately became his overthrow.

20.  Announced “pivot” to Asia without carrying through.

21.  Maintaining the status quo with Pakistan

Besides these there is still the web of lies and perjury woven by her during her tenure.

22.  Benghazi Scandal: Committing Perjury or Lying Under Oath

23.  Email Gate Disaster:

  • Illegally Mixing Government and Personal Emails
  • Endangering National Security and State Secrets
  • Obstruction of Justice, Destruction of Evidence

And that is just the crust of it. If she does make it for to the President’s chair here are the policies that will affect Indian- American’s the most:

1.  Will continue with disastrous Obamacare. Over 300 Bn of taxpayer's money spent on Obama Healthcare annually.

2.  On contrary to promise, Obamacare will actually increase health care premiums by 30 - 40%.

3.  Strongly advocates the Obama-initiated Card Check legislation - compromising and undermining workers' rights and bargaining power. Also, does not allow for a secret ballot where an employee would not be targeted for opposing.

4.  Higher Tax: Proposed for 4% surtax on incomes over $5m. Thereby increasing the individual tax for higher and higher middle class. Top 1% would pay for roughly three-quarters of Mrs Clinton's tax increases.

5.  Very flexible and unplanned policy for immigration. Actually very lenient with illegal immigrants.